Monday, November 22, 2010

Boot-up Sketch 22-Nov-10

This is something I'd like to do as often as possible, for practice.  If you work with computers at an office, you probably have to wait until your machine is ready. The famous "Boot Up" process. Most folks make calls, or use the time productively. So I thought I'd sketch something while this little electronic dance is performed. Sort of a "warm-up" during the "warm-up".  I give you my first "Boot-up" sketch. I inked it to celebrate. Nothing fancy, just something funny, maybe reflecting the feeling of the moment. I pictured somebody waiting, thoughts floating, interrupted in action. Hope you like it. It didn't take long, so I'll try to do this daily, whenever possible. Have a great art time!


  1. sweet...shapes - small medium large....I think about that also when I design a character. Small, Medium, Large Shapes(not necesarrily in that order.) Like when building a snow dont make the snow man give it a Large Bottom, Medium Belly, and Small face----so good job, in using different shapes----avoiding an all even character(or as many say- avoiding the latter).you can also avoid the latter(evenness) within each shape- like yo did with this characters face-The space between his nose and Lips is bigger than the space between his lips and chin- thats Genious- truly inspirational.

  2. Omar! LOL I was think off-shapes, but not as consciously and specifically as you put it! LOL!!!
    I'm really glad you pointed it out! It's something one thinks in terms of exaggeration. Pushing it, I suppose. I'll keep that in mind. You've stressed a lesson point in character design. Thanks man!
    I think the whole daily character thing for the 30 Character Challenge is influencing the way I'm thinking. Thanks so much for the lesson! Alright!