Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wake Draw - Space Station Dream

Woke up this morning with part of a dream still fresh in my mind. This is another quick wake and draw sketch, drowsily trying to capture fleeting dream memory. I remember floating in space, on an I-beam like structure, drifting towards an awaiting space station air-lock, with Obama next to me (of all people... why? that's probably the strangest fact in the dream). Yes, I didn't try and sketch Obama as such. No inclination :) - Anyway, once inside, I found myself in a room, waiting on a dreadlock'd lady to give me a Tai massage (why again? I don't know. They say those Tai style massages are brutal too, so I wasn't looking forward to it). The lady was speaking cajun, and I sort of understood what she was saying, not that I remembered. She smiled when she noticed. Then I saw my grandfather sitting on a comfy chair behind me (didn't draw that part). I hugged him, and told him how much I missed him. That's when I woke up. Dreams may make sense sometimes, but they often have weird unexplainable elements. Oh well.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wondla, D'Terlizzi, and Moebius

It has only been a few days since Jean Giraud "Moebius" passed away. An incredible artist that influenced almost every artist I know, he has been an inspiration for me since my college days, when I would sit listening to the university's radio station, and read Heavy Metal magazine from cover to cover, a long time ago. These days, in my artist's journey, I tinker with ideas in pencil and ink very often. One of the things I do is keep this little sketch blog called "Tuesday Sketch", where my friends and I post drawings and sketches following a weekly topic. This week's topic was Moebius, in his memory.
As I was looking for some image references, I tagged an image that I thought was his. When I looked closer, it turns out that the great artist, Tony D'Terlizzi, had posted a blog article remembering his meeting with Moebius, including the image of one of his works, called "Search for Wondla", which was influenced by Moebius' art. It really clicked with me. I had known of D'Terlizzi's "Spiderwick Chronicles", but I had no idea of all his body of work. Amazing.
I simply had to draw this the minute I saw it, and plan in checking out his other work as well. The impulse is always there, and it sometimes has great meaning. Thank you Tony. Thank you Moebius. You both inspire me greatly.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tree Kids

I sketched a rough of my daughter and her friend playing in the park a couple of days ago, meaning to finish it off that same day, but work got the best of me. So I "nibbled" at it, doodling and rendering a few seconds at a time, between everyday work tasks, and home activities, and I got something rough looking, but good enough to capture the moment. The rough was just a light group of lines, done while I was doing one of my walking laps in the park's walking/jogging track. They looks so happy, just bouncing around, playing explorers, that I had to do something.
Hope you like it. I sure do. Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Acrylics Play

We had us a good time with some acrylics yesterday. Our little one kept reminding me we needed to paint because she had to practice for her first "sale". A friend of my wife's liked one of my daughter's paintings so much that she offered to commission her. My daughter was actually calculating how much she would charge! Anyway, I figured it was a great opportunity for some father-daughter art time, so I got some cheap acrylics to play with. They weren't that bad after all! Good range of colors in the set, and it wasn't all that messy either. We grabbed a bunch of brushes, and a couple of neon colored poster sheets because this was a test. I spared you the shocking colors with some image processing here, but you can tell the poster material was bright. We picked a corner on each sheet to use as palette, and went at it with no specific aim. My daughter had a blast, and we finished pretty much at the same time (a first!). Beautiful flower, a dog, a butterfly, a rainbow, and an angel. All things she loves to draw and paint.
I had no idea where I was going, and you can tell by the inverse eyes, and the hand, that I wasn't planning much when I painted this frog-like creature holding a candle. I did have fun with the paint, checking how it behaved, its stickiness, and how much one could water it down. Glad it was easy to wash off too. In the end, my daughter wanted to take them to grandma, and expected them to be hung in her house. Grandma loved them, and we'll see where she puts them :).
Impulsive art is always fun, no matter what comes of it. Hope you liked these... I love my daughter's raw talent, and inspiration. Thanks for dropping by.