Friday, March 16, 2012

Wondla, D'Terlizzi, and Moebius

It has only been a few days since Jean Giraud "Moebius" passed away. An incredible artist that influenced almost every artist I know, he has been an inspiration for me since my college days, when I would sit listening to the university's radio station, and read Heavy Metal magazine from cover to cover, a long time ago. These days, in my artist's journey, I tinker with ideas in pencil and ink very often. One of the things I do is keep this little sketch blog called "Tuesday Sketch", where my friends and I post drawings and sketches following a weekly topic. This week's topic was Moebius, in his memory.
As I was looking for some image references, I tagged an image that I thought was his. When I looked closer, it turns out that the great artist, Tony D'Terlizzi, had posted a blog article remembering his meeting with Moebius, including the image of one of his works, called "Search for Wondla", which was influenced by Moebius' art. It really clicked with me. I had known of D'Terlizzi's "Spiderwick Chronicles", but I had no idea of all his body of work. Amazing.
I simply had to draw this the minute I saw it, and plan in checking out his other work as well. The impulse is always there, and it sometimes has great meaning. Thank you Tony. Thank you Moebius. You both inspire me greatly.

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