Sunday, April 14, 2013

Did I ever post this pair of weird shaped dino's? Done some time last week. I think I did. Anyway... kind of liked them.

Weekend doodlin' mix

And here's a weekend doodle page. It kind of evolved into some setting. There a girl/or boy, don't know, in a cave, being threatened by monsters walking about. There's also some type of eagle-beaked hero coming to the rescue (we assume). This is one of those things that you leave open in a convenient place, and pick at it every now and then... sometimes turning into weird ideas. Out of all of it, I like that beaked guy in the corner the most. Its the weird scarf thing.
And a couple of close ups.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Art And Time

I have always thought that both, time and art, are fleeting. Think of a sand castle waiting for the next set of waves to wash it away from existence. It will remain in your memory, but it will be eventually be erased in one way or another. Well, I guess the internet is not a beach, because one of my old pieces just got up and yelled "I am still here!"
I was surprised yesterday morning by an e-mail from good folks from a well known performing arts school. They asked if they could use a piece of mine for a non profit fund raiser event. I was very pleased that the request came from an institution that fosters the arts in a large scale.
The original piece dates back to xmas of 2010. It depicts a combo of robots, with musical instruments. In particular, it represents the idea of our local version of Christmas caroling, where groups of revelers visit their friends bringing music and merriment during the holidays.
Anyway, three years later, it comes back to say hi in this way.
"Bravo", a non profit group that fosters the study of performing arts (Cranbrook, in Michigan) thought my piece fit well with their fund raising effort, and I cheerfully gave them the go ahead to use the piece.
Here's their page to be printed for the event. They were kind enough to send me their finished layout.
It goes to show, you never know who will be touched by your art.  Have a great art time, folks.... and keep creating.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Doodle Protest

Tiny doodles rose up in protest during intense work related training last week. Between complete attention to class, and drifting off to drawing land, class won. But the pen did sketch. The blue-ish ink ones are with disposable fountain pen, and the black ink ones are ballpoint from not so recent mini sessions.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trucking Bones

Not affecting the impulsive scale, here's a doodle that got rendered in micro-sittings. Such is the level of art activity these days. I know there's some balancing to do with the shading, we may see about that. At least I can count on some doodling  this week (a training week: illustrative doodles? sounds so dry... we'll see). - Oh yeah... that's what I'm doing right now, travel day means trucking the bones.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fountain Pen

My fountain pen crazy and dear wife got me one of these Pentel Varsity disposable fountain pens, in black.

Some test drawing took place, though half-hearted. I think the pen deserves attention. The "oblique" or rounded tip lent itself to some "dip pen" action, without the dipping part.

Some silliness.

An attempt at a foreshortened banister.

And finally, a tiny haunted house.

The tip of that fountain pen glides nicely, and as long as you keep the general direction/tilt, you may even control some line width. I was all over the place.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tablecloth Crayons

 Here's a quick set of crayon on tablecloth sketchings. I escaped from my crazy work week yesterday, and indulged in a little family restaurant visit. From left to right, caricature of my daughter, then a fast and furious haunted house (before the waiter plopped my meal on top of it), and finally, my daughter's own rendition of me (pretty neat style she came up with, eh?).