Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Impulse

Hey there. My name is Jose, and I'm an impulsive sketch artist. I have been known to break out a sketchbook at the oddest times, and places. I've tried sketching while walking. In these dynamic situations, I try a gesture sketch, then touch it up sitting or standing. The impulsive side is more evident when motion is involved, but most of the time you could call it "wait" sketching. This includes waiting in office lobbies, or in line/queue for some service. Example: Last Saturday, while my wife drove us to see Toy Story 3, my subjects varied as I spotted them on the way to the theater. I placed them seemingly at random on the small page, then "merged" the composition creatively. I didn't crop the image completely so you have an idea of the sketchbook size (3x5in).

I hope to entertain you with these impulsive sketches. Thanks for visiting. Comments and requests are always welcome.