Monday, December 26, 2011

Girl in a G-Suit

I know, I cut off her head. Well, actually, this wasn't meant to be a sketch at all. I happen to have my first few COPICS markers, and it all started with me trying out the different shades of gray on that middle forearm, which was just an accordion-looking blob at the time. Its one of those drawings where you draw something out of the blue, and it looks like something else. And then you start adding to it. Impulsive, you know.
So the mechanical hand followed, then the spherical elbow joint, thinking robot at this point. But then I decided to give it a sort of skirt, and the legs were obviously girl-like, so what the heck. It turned out to be a girl in some sort of gravity suit, or deep diving gear, or something. Its the first time I draw a girl with a well defined characteristic, even if some of the anatomy doesn't match. I have license to create with that suit anyways. I imagine the arms are more for heavy work. They could be mechanical arms for all I know. But of course, you can't deny the female shape here. Who knows, I may end up doing pin-ups some day, but the sci-fi influence remains.
Hope you like this on-the-fly, impulsive sketch. Those COPICS markers are addictive, and of course, I will get other shades to play with. Oh, almost forgot. Also used a Pentel Stylo, and some PITT brush pens for some of the lighter shading, and dark outlines. Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, December 12, 2011


A little bit of practice on squirrels for something due today. Thought I'd check out some famous ones (Rocky and Secret Squirrel) and some not-so-famous ones (based on some google search images). I specially like the middle one of that trio on the top right. He seems a bit miffed. Funny creatures. You can almost say they posed.
All of these were roughed in pencil, and finished with brush pen (I can't help using a brush pen sometimes).