Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goodbye Tatami

A few days ago I visited my favorite, and not so expensive, sushi restaurant. Part of the charm of the place, apart from its not so expensive price points, was that we knew some of the nice folks at the counter. We've been going there for years, thanks to the advice of a good friend of mine.
This time, I learned that someone had bought the place. Immediately down with the news, I couldn't help but focus on the lack of attention from the new staff. I figure, if there's new staff, they'll want to capture your backing... not this time. Took long to get our food, and the customer facing staff was slow and not that attentive.
I felt I needed to capture a bit of it memory, so I took out the old mini sketchbook, and sketched up a couple of the old posters on the wall. I'm going to miss this place.

It was the kind of place where they noticed how much your daughter had grown, they would ask for the friends and family, sometimes by name, and have some candy stowed away to give my daughter, even when we were just picking up take away food.

The first small sketch is closer to the original, classic poster they have hanging next to the lanterns, and good luck cats. The second one is following another one, but I took the liberty with my design.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Captive Audience

Visiting an important person at the hospital today, I managed to influence their 'captive audience' TV viewing. The least commercial broadcast possible happened to be showing "The Sound Of Music". Kind of fitting for a hospital where the atmosphere should be melow (not a single explosion or obnoxious sound from the TV, save for some repetitive commercials). Family oriented viewing (PG) all the way. Works wonders for recovery.
And yes, that's my mini sketchbook.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Veggie Face

Yes, pretty ugly. Looks like a mutant corn-veggie alien. Actually, I was doodling with the first thing I found, which was a half-used dark colored pencil, on the sketchbook. Warming up, not looking to draw anything in particular, and next thing I know, it looks like a corn cob with a face. Yuck. I imagine some of you alien art fans may like it.