Monday, January 31, 2011

Pediatrician's Castle

I wasn't kidding about having to frequent waiting rooms these days. Here's the pediatrician's office. I don't recall this type of place being part of my youth. They sure cater to their clients. This "castle office" was nicely decorated with cartoon characters from Disney/Pixar, and others. I'm sure they built this castle in the middle of the "Princess" craze. Not bad.
I'm glad I can draw in these situations. Sometimes there are worthwhile subjects, and all that, but I need to go somewhere open. I feel like drawing nature, or just a busy street. Something outside of these waiting rooms that will inspire other pieces. We'll see. In the meantime, I draw where and when I can.
Hope you like this one. Oh, and just to let you know, looks like lollipops have been replaced with cartoon stickers. My daughter can't get enough of those. And I can't get enough art activity myself. It's my candy. Have a great art time!

Waiting Again

Here's a quick sketch that stayed more on the rough side because the waiting at the waiting room wasn't that long. In this case, its me (used a big mirror wall), and someone taking their "waiting" nap.
Looks like I'll be frequenting waiting rooms this week too, so I'll try to keep it interesting if I sketch. I haven't sketched myself as a subject enough, and I need the practice. Hope you liked this quick one. Have a great art time!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Waiting Room and Bubbles

Hi folks! Glad to post tonight. I've been busy with life matters lately, and this is where impulsive sketching becomes good for the soul. Even these rough sketches can have a beneficial effect. Of the three rough sketches here, my daughter playing with bubbles at the park was most soothing to draw. Of course she didn't stand still, but that's part of the challenge. I couldn't help but smile while I was drawing her, having fun, chasing bubbles, and frolicking. She can be a handful, but I adore her, and there's nothing better for a father's heart than to see his daughter having fun. I hope that one day in the future she gets to enjoy these drawings as much as I enjoy watching her grow up, learn, and have fun.
Yesterday found me at a waiting room. I caught this boy, with a broken arm, watching a movie on an iPhone. He didn't make a peep all that time, and neither did his mother. Kind of sad to see how disconnected people become with mobile entertainment. A waiting room may be a proper place for this, but I've seen this too many times in places like restaurants, or where people congregate to socialize. Heck, I've seen children ignored through complete meals at a restaurant because their parents are on their cell phones! This is what we're teaching them. My apologies for the short rant. This is not the place. Just pointing out a serious trend.
And finally, here you have part of the group of people in the waiting room. Most of them are talking, or quietly waiting their turn. It is not obvious, but the small boy is playing with a mobile device as well.
It is always a challenge to draw people in close quarters, but they seem to mind their own business in waiting rooms. I'll pick a more cheerful place next time. But no matter what setting, the act of drawing is pretty satisfying anywhere you do it. So that's all for now. I hope you like these little vignettes. Waiting rooms are ok, but I love sketching at the park. Thanks for visiting. Have a great art time!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Carry a Sketchbook

This classifies as impulsive. I was going to San Juan on an errand, and had forgotten about the Fiestas de San Sebastian. Traffic was slow and had stopped for a spell, long enough to doodle the outlines for the convention center, and Sheraton hotel.

What you see in the second image is a sketch of the view from the "cabana" area in a park nearby.  A slab of concrete with 4 anchored metal benches, covered by an aluminum roof. In the distances there's a palm behind some school fencing, and a couple of trees and bushes. One remarkable tree, with twisty bark and shoots, in the center. The running path slopes before that tree before turning left.
That was yesterday. Today I went to a post office where parking was impossible, so I ended up at the shopping mall's post office branch. The top half of the page is the post office entrance. I was looking for people in situations, settings, etc, so I did quick representations of bodies. In the center of the image, one of the many "waiting" expressions that can be seen at the shopping mall. A nice trio on a bench. I will probably use some of this in art cards.
As I was making my way inside the post office, there was this "dumpster" lady, kind of "posing" by the trash receptacle. I tried to draw her as a challenge since she was scoping everyone out. It was difficult this time, so I desisted. There are all sorts of characters at the mall. The guy on the right is your friendly post office counter person. He looks mean, but he's really friendly. I drew him before seeing his friendly side.

So that's it. I have a longer post in the works, and I'm working on some art cards for the next couple of days. This should be fun.
Remember: Just carry a sketchbook. You never know what you'll come across. Have a great art time!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee Shop Sketching

Last weekend I had the chance to hang around that bookstore's coffee shop at the mall, while my dear wife and daughter did some errands. I've been slow to regain the same pre-Holiday momentum I had. My frequent doodling has increased, and there are promised activities, follow-up, and ideas cooking.
Here are the 3 pages from last Monday's coffee shop sketching session. In the 1st page, a white-haired and bearded gentleman talking with his contemporary lady friend. The lady sported a "mod" hair-do. Both apparently having good conversation with a 3rd. The guy with the beret was sitting at a distance, playing chess with seemingly more than one person. An older man broke out a harmonica to play local holiday favorites (holidays linger in Puerto Rico). He was too fast for my sketching, but he made the crowd smile.
On the second page, a slender middle-aged lady sitting 3 tables in front would not stray from her lecture. She pretty much did not move, except to turn the page. Her book or magazine was not all that visible, and her friend seemed to be in the same trance, though I couldn't see her face. There were folks actually studying too, their headphones blocking out the noise of the place. There was this an lady, about 2 tables over, listening intently to what her friend had to say.
Lastly, what turned out as a quick rough, depicting the chess player area. I don't know how artists approach live groups of people. I tried making "marks" in the scene, then coming back for another pass for what I thought win any way ould be essential details. Repeating the cycle as many times as needed. But I got interrupted before finishing the second pass.
A blue stuffed dog suddenly peeked over my sketchbook, signalling my recall to the family group. The mall was teeming with shoppers, and we had to go. I hope you liked these. I hope to have more frequent updates here, and at the LAB!
I almost forgot! I got "featured" at the Doodle Swap Blog! I joined their last swap, and had a blast. I was asked to answer some questions, and voila! Instant interview! Here's the link if your interested. I'm just honored to be associated with such great artists. I have lots of great original art in the mail too! The next swap is on right now.  Well. Enough of that. I hope you enjoyed this, and wish you a great art time!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Warm-up

Happy New Year! I should say, "New Year Wake-Up". After this long holiday induced drawing break, I'm back with a post. This sketch was done on the 31st of Dec, 2010. I've been doodling, and playing with ink, but holiday is family time.
Furniture quick-sketched at my wife's grandmother's place. I like her furniture. The sketch has two subjects whose perspectives may clash due to being drawn from a different angle each. Composition was an afterthought, but I insisted in making them co-exist. I used a Pentel Precise V7 on my little "moleskine", which doesn't see much use. It reminds me of "the good wallet" you would use with a tuxedo.
On local news, the holidays are not over. We celebrate "Three Kings Day" on the 6 of January. So postings will vary. I'll be working up some art steam.
I wish everyone a great New Year! Make the best of it, and have a great art time!