Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Carry a Sketchbook

This classifies as impulsive. I was going to San Juan on an errand, and had forgotten about the Fiestas de San Sebastian. Traffic was slow and had stopped for a spell, long enough to doodle the outlines for the convention center, and Sheraton hotel.

What you see in the second image is a sketch of the view from the "cabana" area in a park nearby.  A slab of concrete with 4 anchored metal benches, covered by an aluminum roof. In the distances there's a palm behind some school fencing, and a couple of trees and bushes. One remarkable tree, with twisty bark and shoots, in the center. The running path slopes before that tree before turning left.
That was yesterday. Today I went to a post office where parking was impossible, so I ended up at the shopping mall's post office branch. The top half of the page is the post office entrance. I was looking for people in situations, settings, etc, so I did quick representations of bodies. In the center of the image, one of the many "waiting" expressions that can be seen at the shopping mall. A nice trio on a bench. I will probably use some of this in art cards.
As I was making my way inside the post office, there was this "dumpster" lady, kind of "posing" by the trash receptacle. I tried to draw her as a challenge since she was scoping everyone out. It was difficult this time, so I desisted. There are all sorts of characters at the mall. The guy on the right is your friendly post office counter person. He looks mean, but he's really friendly. I drew him before seeing his friendly side.

So that's it. I have a longer post in the works, and I'm working on some art cards for the next couple of days. This should be fun.
Remember: Just carry a sketchbook. You never know what you'll come across. Have a great art time!

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