Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wake Draw - Space Station Dream

Woke up this morning with part of a dream still fresh in my mind. This is another quick wake and draw sketch, drowsily trying to capture fleeting dream memory. I remember floating in space, on an I-beam like structure, drifting towards an awaiting space station air-lock, with Obama next to me (of all people... why? that's probably the strangest fact in the dream). Yes, I didn't try and sketch Obama as such. No inclination :) - Anyway, once inside, I found myself in a room, waiting on a dreadlock'd lady to give me a Tai massage (why again? I don't know. They say those Tai style massages are brutal too, so I wasn't looking forward to it). The lady was speaking cajun, and I sort of understood what she was saying, not that I remembered. She smiled when she noticed. Then I saw my grandfather sitting on a comfy chair behind me (didn't draw that part). I hugged him, and told him how much I missed him. That's when I woke up. Dreams may make sense sometimes, but they often have weird unexplainable elements. Oh well.

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