Sunday, November 28, 2010

30Char #28 - Boom!

I  give you entry # 28 for the 30 Character Challenge, Underground Edition. This i s starting to look like a robot parade. I have just scratched the surface on that one. Experimenting with a couple of techniques, while locking to a style/theme is new to me. But robots keep popping up on the sketchbook. Only 2 left to do, before we see slideshows.

Here is Boom! Maintenance robot # 4. While getting his weekly module updates, he accidentally connected himself to the janitor's personal music player device. This happened concurrent with that fateful lightning storm that struck the compound's power grid. He didn't make a sound the first day, but after reboot, he literally blew away his companions when he producing a sound. His new powerful audio blast could destroy small buildings. He has learned to control his volume, but his weekly re-boot session is cause of concern. It is important to say that #4 is a heavy metal fan. The hand signal a mix of meditative and heavy metal meaning, announces his "about-to-rock" state of being. Boom!

I experimented with light direction without a harnesss, so be warned. All in all, I'm happy with the things I've discovered. I still need to see some example of good black/white separation techniques at the drawing level. But that will come.

There's way more new characters every day this month at the 30Character Challenge web site. But for registered, unregistered, and underground creations, visit some of my crazy awesome artist friends: Kevin Cross, Bob Learned, Christopher Tupa, "Jahhdog", and George Ward.

Two left to go, but will we stop creating at this pace? Follow me on Twitter, click gonzalexx, or subscribe to this blog if you like. Leave a comment, please, they're appreciated. That's it for now, as always, have a great art time!


  1. Hello!!

    I think it's really cool that you stick to this! I've seen many challenges fail! So big applause for that! It's such a good way to keep on drawing and practicing techniques as well.

    Love the shading and pose in this one! I really love the little stories you add with the characters, it gives more depth and insight in what you think when you drew them!

    Keep it up :D

    Talk to ya later *waves*

  2. Thank you TJ! I start with an idea, but most of the stories are finished at the last minute. Its fun to back up the characters with a tales, background, etc. I get lots of good practice and know-how out of this, and that's how I'm seeing it happen. Enjoying it!
    Thanks so much for checking it out! (and for the ego boost, LOL!!!)
    Take care, you rock!

  3. Robots have easier bodies to deal with LOL... so I can concentrate a bit more on personality/character. Thanks man!