Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30Char - 30 - Chamaneleon

And here's the final entry! # 30 of the 30 Character Challenge, "The Underground Edition". I've inked an weird animal.
This is a chamaneleon. It's more aquatic than his more popular cousin, and you won't find one like it anywhere else. At least not one that talks. Mr. Leon, as he likes to be called, is a demanding CEO. Other company lizards loathe him. We catch him during leisure time, getting a snack. Did you know his weird eyes can see in the dark?
Tempted to try my latest dark shadowing trick, I didn't use it this time. I have possible mixed-media plans for those eyes. So I called this one done, and the official closing piece for the 30 Character Challenge, Undergound Edition! This has been a great opportunity to learn, and the practice is invaluable. Many lessons to talk about in my next post, which will include a Character Parade (I coin it!).

Anyway, here's a little guy that got inked in the meantime. One place that will be bubbling over with characters will be the 30 Character Challenge web site. Now, for registered, unregistered, and underground creations, visit some of my crazy awesome artist friends: Kevin Cross, Bob Learned, Christopher Tupa, "Jahhdog", and George Ward.

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  1. Great job, Jose. I'm glad for you that it was such an invaluable experience for you.

    It's not for me, though. I seem to break under pressure and should probably stay away from challenges like this one.

  2. I had to let go at points, Rene. It didn't come without mistakes (which I like), and getting used to just making them, and moving along is hard when you see room for more, or notice a mistake.
    Doing more than one at a time to catch up gave me the momentum to finish.
    Thanks again for your support, Rene!

  3. Wow. Awesome creature. I enlarged the image and it's really cool to see the eyes up close. Love the line work as well! Can't wait to see this one colored!

    Woooohooo congrats for completing this challenge :D

  4. this is great- I like how you used the line of action here...it makes a big circle and points to the worm....its good to lead the eye like that, with the imaginary action line, and other lines.I also like that it has a sense of graphic design quality, because everything is cluttery except the place where you wanna focus...the worm. Making something different than everything else on the page...really makes it pop.You got really good man.