Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30Char Underground 16 through 18 - Henry, Lars, and Harry

On a catch up sprint with these 30 Character Challenge Underground characters. It's suppose to be one daily, but in order to catch up, I'm posting them in 2s and 3s. Here are 3 more!

Henry Hitcher is a sad case. He's been haunting the roads near his home town of Corky Creek for most of his life. If you bump into him, you'll be throw off by his buggy eyes and permanent grimace. He'll tell anyone that will listen the the Cork Pixies did this to him, and to avoid going near the Corky Creek bridge at all costs. You'll often see him on the side of the road trying to get away from town as far as possible, but every time someone gives him a lift, something prevents their vehicle from going any further. Eventually, Henry gives up, and returns to his old shack by the creek. No one visits him for fear of pixies.

Lars Kringle lives near a small fishing village near Amsterdam. No one knows where he came from. One bad fishing season, he realized he couldn't afford his weekly beer intake, so he came up with a plan. He dyed his hat and coat bright red, and broke into the local inn through the chimney. It so happened that the innkeeper's young daughter surprised him as he was quaffing down his 4th flagon of ale. Lars thought nothing of letting her know that he was Kriss Kringle's cousin, and that his job was to check on inn to make sure they were good enough for his famous cousin to visit. Of course, this included making sure the boys and girls had been good as well. The innkeeper discovered the scene, and as the little girl had believed the story, he didn't have a heart to let her down. Lars had a good meal and drink that night, and ever since, every holiday season, he's got a special place at the inn's table. Lucky Lars, eh?

Hypno Harry. Poor Harry. He was sort of awkward at school, and did not have much luck with the girls. One day, a shady character he met at the county fair insisted that his problem could be solved through hypnosis. That science could make him popular with the girls! Harry had nothing to loose, so he gave it a go. Out came a pocket watch, swinging back and forth. Harry was immediately affected. During the session, Harry deeply hypnotized, the police came calling, and the hypnotist, startled, accidentally hit Harry with the watch, as he left running. The blow must have affected Harry somehow. He came out of his trance ok, but now, whenever he sees any type of clock, or watch, he'll freeze up in fear, and sway back and forth in a daze. Poor Harry. Please don't ask him what time it is.

For even more fun characters all through this month, drop by the 30Character Challenge web site, or visit some of my great creator friends to see their characters. You'll flip over creations by such great artists as Kevin Cross, Bob Learned, Christopher Tupa, "Jahhdog", and George Ward. This is a great way to explore creativity, and possibilities. It is also a fun way to practice.

Thanks so much for visiting. Drop by for more during this month. You can follow me on Twitter as gonzalexx, or subscribe to this blog, if you like. I'm also currently running a Webcomic Jam at my LAB (blog). It's a fun collaboration between 6 awesome cartoonists, and myself. The story that we are developing is really interesting.
Well, that's all for now, and as always, have a great art time!

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