Friday, November 26, 2010

30Char 25 & 26 - Crunch and Munch

Finally up to date with entries 25 & 26.  I am slapping down bonus card of creating twin characters! And there are no rules in the underground. Only 4 left now. When we complete 30 characters, we will have to rig up a slideshow page.

Here is Crunch, also known as Number One. Along with his brother Munch, another maintenance robot, he got left outside in a lightining storm one night. Yes, the old lightning-bolt-gives life story. Their programming got scrambled enough to keep working, but develop their own "personality" modules from scratch. These guys are sort of dumb, and daring. A dangerous combination. Without fail, these guys get in trouble helping anyone others. This particular image of Crunch is from way back, when he first tried out his walking routines. We made him build and replace the furniture he broke after he calibrated his walk cycles.
And brother, Munch, good 'ol Number Two. You could say he's the daring one. Dumb as a bolt, he has no problem walking into danger, and catastrophe, with his pointy grin. Here we have him showing us what he's best at. He must have opened the wrong door while on the barn's loft. Lucky he didn't damage himself too much. Other than some rattling from the brain case, he keeps on going. But they take care of themselves. Crunch can handle soldering irons and meters, results are another matter.

I went a little experimental. With Crunch, I inked and used a mix of hashing and shadow lines. It was interesting. But then I tried the black shadow areas on Munch. Oh yeah! Feeling close to some comic inking I like. I will have to explore these techniques.

There's way more new characters every day this month at the 30Character Challenge web site. But for registered and underground, excellent daily character creations, visit some of my awesome and crazy artist friends: Kevin Cross, Bob Learned, Christopher Tupa, "Jahhdog", and George Ward.

I have 6 left to go, the question is, can we stop? Follow me on Twitter, click gonzalexx, or subscribe to this blog if you like. Leave a comment, please, they're appreciated. That's it for now, as always, have a great art time!

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  1. Crunch and Munch haha that is awesome! They look amazing! I like how you did the shadow for each of them...NICE!!!