Friday, November 19, 2010

30Char 12 and 13 - Sammy Sparks and Wally Waterjet

Here are Sammy Sparks, and Wally Waterjet. This is my "entry" for characters 12 and 13 in the 30 Character Challenge, underground edition. Sammy Sparks and Wally Waterjet are neighbors. Sammy has a strange problem. He turns into a fire monster whenever he gets stressed. Wally has always wanted to be a monster fighting super hero, and since his father is a fire fighter, he has learned to battle fire, even at his early age. So Wally, armed with his water gun (super soaker style) likes to hunt down this strange fire monster that has been showing up around his neighborhood lately. Sammy, afraid to tell Wally, has to hide from Wally when his condition "flares up". He doesn't know what will happen if that water jet hits him. Wally is mortified because every time the monster is around, Sammy is nowhere to be found, plus this monster seems to know where Wally is all the time. So the same drama ensues any time Sammy gets antsy for any reason.

If you'd like to check out the story of the process in creating this piece, it will be posted at the Mad Scientist's Art Laboratory, explaining the experimental mixed media approach I took. Well, it was an experiment for me, and that is the type of content I post at the lab. 

For even more fun characters all through this month, drop by the 30Character Challenge web site, or visit some of my great creator friends to see their characters. You'll flip over creations by such great artists as Kevin Cross, Bob LearnedChristopher Tupa, "Jahhdog", and George Ward. This is a great way to explore creativity, and possibilities. It is also a fun way to practice. I am still behind, but I will catch, I promise.
Thanks so much for visiting. Drop by for more during this month. You can follow me on Twitter as gonzalexx, or subscribe to this blog, if you like. I'm also currently running a Webcomic Jam at my LAB (blog). It's a fun collaboration between 6 awesome cartoonists, and myself. The story that we are developing is really interesting.
Well, that's all for now, and as always, have a great art time!

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