Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30Char Number 3

Meet Captain Flarg. This is my entry #3, in my own homage to the 30 Character Challenge. This impulse of joining the effort seems to have taken with other artists. I'll share some of them soon, as the "30char underground" develops.
Now, Captain Flarg is a name that may be established already, somewhere, but not in my context. The captain is caught "red-handed" trying to pass for a socialite at a cocktail party, when his holographic disguise breaks down. He's not aware of the problem, and is handing out a very polite and welcoming tentacle.
This was done on breaks at work, and finished at home. I started with a non-specific garble on the page, annd concentrated on the alien face. From there, the body, and some rendering. I think I probably took too long on it, just to make it "shiny". I'll try and trim down the process next time, and see if I can actually ink a couple of them.
Thanks for dropping by, and stay tuned for one of these, daily, until November 30th. Have a great art time!

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