Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30Char Underground 19 through 21 - George, Bill and Horace

And the catch up sprint continues for my 30 Character Challenge Underground pieces. Here are 3 more! To be up to date I would need 2 more characters (3 tomorrow). Don't worry, they're in the works as I type this.
George McGreedy doesn't look like a good guy, does he? He likes to hang out in saloons, looking for a likely mark. That villainous look can be deceiving at times. You can tell from his face he doesn't like people. Poker, whiskey, and loose women are his pastime, when he's not trying to get away with loot of some kind. He's tried to swindle pensions from old ladies, and he's not beneath conning the virtue from young maidens either. He's got a gang of ruffians that do his dirty work, but he doesn't like to be seen with them, especially when he's working his cons. I wouldn't be surprised if you find him tying some young thing to a railroad track. (I didn't mean to draw the classic villain, but the face called for it).
Next up we have William Bullington. His no good friends call him Billy the Bull. This time, he found a way to get his jollies by abusing the local elementary school basketball team. They were practicing in the gym, and when their coach stepped away for a few minutes, he challenged the team to a mismatched game which he obviously won. He must get a kick from watching the kids suffer. He should pick on folks his size. Look at the mean smile and the smug face. We all probably know someone like this. Don't worry. Billy will get his soon enough.
And last in this run is Mr. Steward. Horace Steward retired some years ago. Lost his loving wife while he still worked at the railroad yard. A church going man, he turned towards his parish for solace. Now he lives in a cabin next to the church, and the graveyard where his wife rests in peace. He is the grounds keeper, and tends to the grave yard every day. Other than chasing the neighborhood kids from the premises every now and then, he walks about at night with a sad look, talking to himself, keeping company to the spirit of his long lost wife. He takes pride on his job these days. Folks that know him, pity him. Others are scared of him because rumor has it he talks to the dead. Horace has a steadfast heart.

For even more characters all through this month, drop by the 30Character Challenge web site, or visit some of my great creator friends to see their characters. You'll flip over creations by such great artists as Kevin Cross, Bob Learned, Christopher Tupa, "Jahhdog", and George Ward. This is a great way to explore creativity, and possibilities. It is also a fun way to practice.

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Well, that's all for now, and as always, have a great art time!


  1. Thanks Omar.
    Really just having fun with these at a fast pace.
    This 30 Character Challenge thing is serving as a continuous daily practice focused on the same type of goal. I've been jumping from one subject type to the other before this, and its a different experience. Getting some good lessons along the way. Thanks again!