Sunday, November 28, 2010

30Charr #27 - Punch!

Here's entry # 27 for the 30 Character Challenge, Underground Edition. I continue with another robot because I'm exploring  a lighting technique, and the robots keep popping up on the sketchbook, and I can't stop. I have to repeat, there are no rules in the underground, and you go with the flow. Only 3 left to do, and we'll have a celebratory slideshow.

Here is Punch! Maintenance robot # 3. He was charging up in the shack when that lightning storm hit the compound. Ever since getting that unexpected extra jolt, he's able to "fly", and shocked actuator/dynamo system now multiplies his strength. He discovered this last fact when he punched a runaway train to save a dog stuck on the rails. Of course, unlike his brothers, 1 and 2, his IQ is that of 8 year old, which makes him their superior in intelligence. He's looking for a cape.

I wanted to try some more of the last shading technique used on robot #2. and discovered there's more to this. The divisions between black and white areas are hard to figure out. I'm going to have to examine their use. Even though its an experiment, I'm happy with how it comes together as one unit just by using that exaggerated dark shadow. We'll see how it goes. We already have a group of shadowy robots going.

There's way more new characters every day this month at the 30Character Challenge web site. But for registered and (unregistered) underground, excellent daily character creations, visit some of my awesome and crazy artist friends: Kevin Cross, Bob Learned, Christopher Tupa, "Jahhdog", and George Ward.

I have 3 left to go, the question is, can we stop? Follow me on Twitter, click gonzalexx, or subscribe to this blog if you like. Leave a comment, please, they're appreciated. That's it for now, as always, have a great art time!


  1. I have to say, sir, I LOVE THE SHADOW! and awesome perspective! it reminds me so much of "The Iron Giant". (Definitely gonna try and see if i can do the challenge also :D)

  2. Let me know if you start on it. Would love to see them daily! It's great creative exercise, and as you can see, I took the opportunity to explore themes I haven't tried before, as well a little experimentation with styles.

  3. Yeah, who says you can't take a 30day 30drawing challenge whenever you need it... this is a great exercise...

  4. recuerda de iron giant...I love that movie.Good silhouette.You got sooooo good.