Sunday, November 7, 2010

30Char #6 - "You don't say?"

Character number 6 for the 30 Character Challenge was done last night, I promise you. But I wanted to give it an ink pass, to see what it looks like.  Here's Inspector Nigel E. Cuddlington, from the Yard. Despite his welcoming name, his a "by-the-book" kind of chap. In this take he could be saying, "Hmmm, you don't say..." or "What's all this?..." or "Did I put on my son's toy helmet on again?" Bly-me! Here you can see the pencils, and the inks. There will be another character today (#7), and it will post, whether its just a scratch on the page, or not.
So, I liked the expression on the face, even though his head is shallow (too vertically elongated). I was going for the comics look, but I we too far. Trying to pick up caricature "memes" for face-elements. Using this character time to experiment as well. Hope you liked them. Don't forget to visit the other character challengers at their 30 Character Challenge haunts. There's Kevin Cross ( @KevinCross ) at Laser Beams Go! and Bob Learned ( @BobLearned ) aOxymoron Press or his 30Char place! We also have Jahhdog ( @Jahhdog ) at his Howling Room. I'll try to keep a better list for next post, because there are more of us in this party.
Have a great art time!


  1. Ahh yes. Major G.

    This Mr. Nigel E. Cuddlington looks "spot on" for this challenge "eh, wot?"


  2. Say no more, say no more..." Jolly Good. Cheerio!