Friday, November 5, 2010

30Char Numbah 5 - Emily "Slippery" O'Dole

Back with Day 5 of the underground edition of the 30 Character Challenge, going on all through November.
Underground because we didn't make it to register in time (and we're not sanctioned in any way by the great and original guys at, but we love their idea and their bunch so much, we're doing the daily drawing ourselves. Other underground 30char-ac-tersss.... guys drawing out of fun? Kevin Cross (Char5 at Laser Beams), also Bob Learned (Char5 at Oxymoron Press).
Check out #5. Emily "Slippery" O'Dole. Don't let her innocent face fool you, she's another con artist from the character factory line. I'll get to good guys soon enough.
Emily can con anyone into anything with those eyes. She claims she's royalty, or so all the embassies that hold her dossier have to note. She fancies pearl jewelry, and has been known to use her signature trick to get them. The old slippery banana peel, at the right place and the right time, will give her plenty of time to steal away. She's also known as "Emily of the Yukon", "Mississippi Emy", and more to our surprise, "Bubbles". She may be found on Steamboat Willie's boat in the afternoon, and in the evening she may be placing bets in Monaco, next to 007. You never know.
Enough on-the-fly, un-prepared, off-the-cuff, character background creation. Here's some more junk. I found this fragment of a photograph in some old government laboratory surplus. It had "SM" on the back, and the apparent company name: Bananatech Laboratories.
It may interest someone.
Enough extra nonsense. Thanks for dropping by. Come back tomorrow for more, and as always, have a great art time!

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