Sunday, November 7, 2010

30Char #7 - America Love

Continuing the 30 Character Challenge mission, Here's #7, soft leads on sketchbook paper (that sounds classy right?) Not as classy as this dame used to be. Her stage name was America Love, back in the 50-60s. This is from one of her rare publicity runs. She had dubious connections from the start, mixing intrigue, danger, and show time. She literally sang like a bird, until one night she sang the wrong song. She left with a bag full of scientific toys, con money, and guns that matched her outfits. Further rumors claim she moved to a secluded place, near the Island of the Bee Women, somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, where she conducts private scientific research. Others say that she joined the "Black Mamba" organization. These last rumours claim she's been sighted in major cities. These last sighting reports could be dismissed  seeing as today, our records place Mrs. Love at 75 to 80 years of age, at least, and visual records show a young lady of 25 years of age, or so. - Please be well adviced to stear away from this person while on international hob-knobbing secret-spy things, ok? So if you get in trouble, you are on your own.
Have a great art day!
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Laser Beams - Kevin
Oxymoron Press - Bob
Howling Room - JahhDog


  1. Luv the "LOVE"!

    Hey my number 7 "Layla The Rat Queen" wants to spread the love too!


  2. Check out #7 from Jahhdog!

  3. Long live the 30 Character Underground!

    Great work, dude! Its awesome to see the artistic progress you've made in this last year alone.

    Glad to be soldiering along with you and Jahhdog in the murky under belly of 30 characters in 30 days!

  4. Thanks, Man!
    All inspiration from you guys, and everywhere else.
    Let's do some more!