Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Sketch-24Dec Mistletoe Robot

I know I'm a few minutes late, but here's the daily Xmas Sketch for yesterday, Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, 2010. Xmas prep activities had priority. In fact, my daughter is already playing with her presents. She went to bed around 9:00pm, Santa got here between that time and 11:00pm (me and my didn't hear a thing!), and my daughter got out of bed around 11:01. So we're already celebrating. Lots of boxes to open, wires and toy harnesses to undo, some batteries that were not included, that kind of thing.
So here's Mistletoe Robot for you. I hope you find him cute enough to kiss. I thought of making him pucker, but it would have looked scary with all those teeth. There's one more daily sketch to go, and it should be done sometime this Christmas morning. Happy Holidays, everyone! Have a great art time!

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