Friday, December 10, 2010

One More Step (BU-Sketch-10Dec10)

This morning, during my office workstation boot-up, I sketched a little dinosaur scene. Since this is during boot-up, getting online reference is not an option, so I eased the difficulty curve by making the robots. Drawing robots is handy when you're not sure of the anatomy of what you want to draw. For example, dragons! Who can tell you, with authority, what the anatomy of a dragon looks like? So this mythical robo dinosaur is from "memory". That poor robot guy had to climb up that vine. The dino itself doesn't seem like its hungry, maybe just curious. But this robot person will be spared any incident, since the dinosaur is about to fall into the stream. Robot guys acting like monkeys?
Dinosaurs being curious, maybe even playful? Sure, why not! I "robotized" in this piece for two reasons: 1) I'm practicing/exploring robot characters for another piece, and 2) given the time I had this morning, I had to draw something quick and dirty, and robots are easy to draw. It was mainly a time saver.
Well, that should do it for now. We have a weekend ahead, and hopefully, I'll be able to break out some paints, and catch up on some over-due "work" of mine. I owe some friends some art.  Hope you enjoyed this. If you have a comment, or a question, please do not hesitate. Let me know. I love discussing these things, and learning from them. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!


  1. Jose! This is great! I love dinobots robosaurs! Nice pen action.

  2. Thanks Raul! Robotized anything, and its usually cool in the end. :) - Pen practice is prime priority. Want to use that brush (while spoiled by micron-like pens).

  3. I like robots, I like dragons. Right now, I'm in Heaven. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Rene! There will probably be more, ad-nauseum. :) In phases, I suppose. Thanks again!