Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boot-up Sketch & Tiny Figures

I started a boot-up sketch this morning, but it was interrupted. So I continued doodling between and during tasks, including during the big end-of-the-year office-wide meeting this morning. You know, awards, good-byes, propaganda, that sort of thing. I thought I would be able to sketch some of my fellow co-workers, but the environment didn't look "artist-friendly". With all the gossipy, and watch-each-other attitude in this place, I couldn't draw faces without the faces watching me. You see that guy on his side? He's my original sketch. The rest was fun experimenting. Check out that "bus scene", or the "hanging scaffold sitting scene" on the first page.

You may notice lots of little figures on both pages I used from my new small sketchbook. There are also some little ladies in recognizable poses. The second page has a Spanish dancer, a few astronauts, some mad scientist, a superhero of sorts, a bug-guy, etc. I went about with little figures following one goal: to draw simple/tiny figures showing emotion, intention, or a situation. In other words, their silhouettes should tell you a story or who they are. This was kind of difficult, but not impossible. Most of them look like those little people they use in architecture models, but I've tried to give them some variety. Most wee folks are found on the first page. I made them a bit bigger with more detail on the second page.

I hope you like these. (I may use these tiny figures for story boards some day soon). In the meantime, thanks for dropping by, and have yourself a great art time!

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