Monday, December 13, 2010

Boot-up Sketch - Yoga Robot

Today's boot-up sketch reflects my reaction to this morning. Things had to be dealt with balance and meditation. Just like robot #5.
I think this post belongs at the LAB, but it was an impulsive post! Penciling this was a quick matter that left me wanting to ink. Problem: I didn't bring my PITT pen set (med/fine/pen-brush). I couldn't find a gel pen I had around, so I settled for a "Pilot EasyTouch" medium ball point black ink pen. Thoughts of deep troughs and canals showing through pages haunted me. Once I got going, I discovered that only 3 to 4 pages were affected. A folded piece of paper as backing did the trick! By doing this, and softening the plow-like pressure I was using, I decreased the effect. Handy little discovery! It was simple and effective.
Here's the tortured sketchbook page on the right. I shaded it with pencil, and intensified levels with a computer. Hopefully you can tell the outline of the robot in "white". I was done inking about 2/3s when I inserted the folded paper backing.
I hope you liked this, and that perhaps this little tip will help you save some paper. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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