Thursday, December 9, 2010

Boot-up Sketch 9-Dec-10 - Alien and Bot

Drew boot-up sketch this morning. The first thing in my head were aliens. So we have an alien, apparently about to have a serious talk with someone (maybe that little robot?) I like the robot best. It could be a relative of "Gypsy" from Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000 (MST3K).
I really believe that the secret to getting good practice drawing, inking, and painting has to do a lot with "exercise" time. Last month, when I was drawing almost daily, figures, and ideas seemed to flow a lot more easier from my mind to the paper. The rapid pace of creation kind of "oiled" up the "machinery". I still have some roughs I haven't touched from that time. So a great thing to do: art exercise. No matter what you have in mind, just draw. You may think you're wasting paper and supplies, if its just a "junk" thing you are doing, but you are not! Every little stroke of the pencil, stylus, whatever, counts! It is exercise, and your muscles and your mind learn to dance together better, every time you do it. So do it!!!!!!
That's my little art sermon of the day. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great art time!!!

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  1. I believe in loose sketches, in which I have room to play, and not every line counts. But that's just my process. I can't figure it out in my head, so I do it on paper. An eraser is your friend.