Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pen Brush Work-Out

The latest rush of drawing and inking left me with art momentum. I had some pencil roughs to play, but my preferred medium point ink pen gave out. Thinking this would be momentous in artist's life, I asked my friends, but now I owe them a round of drinks.

I took the seldom used darkest gray pen brush, and I inked over the roughs, erasing later in the process. This person with the ape face background was an unfinished character. Now it represents something that the person doesn't care much about, but that makes the ape sad. That aside, I had some exercise making all these streaky lines. Trying to get the feel of the pen brush.
Here I had started roughs for a couple of girls, and robots. As I inked, and managed their positions with each other, I added a couple more robots, and a boy. Funny that I didn't notice that longish neck on the girl on the left side. I think she would be toppling all over the place.  This time, with the pen brush, I tried some hashing, and shading. Its a little bit tricky, but possible to master. Practice!

This is more of a doodle page, than anything else. Reminded me of some school notebooks I've had. Originally, there was the floating hair guy, the stone looking face, and that duck bird animal in front of a fan. The rest occurred as I tried too get used to the pen brush thin to thick action, and what little flourishes, and twists can do. Jury is still out on that one. But I got re-acquainted with pen brushes.

I'll have quite a few more of these pen-brush practice sketches. Its a good exercise routine. So that's all for today, hope some of these lines please you, and I wish you the best art time!


  1. Thanks Omar. Think I'll do more of this for the practice. Hard to get a grip on what you can do with a pen brush. Thanks for dropping by!