Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Xmas Sketch - 15DEC10 - R-1

I've temporarily replaced the recently started "Boot-Up Sketch" series a daily "Xmas Sketch". I was talking with a good friend about how I had not drawn a single holiday related thing this year, and decided to do this. This self-imposed "commitment" is a daily exercise in creativity, as well as a warm-up drawing.
I now give you R-1. A prototype robot, based on the legendary "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer". He is seen here in one of its practice runs. R-1 is one of the best pieces of technology that ever came from the North Pole laboratories. Of course, this is second to Santa's time-dimensional-travel magic sleigh. R-1 has a navigation module able to cut through the thickest of winter storms (notice the nose). North Pole authorities have assured us that this is not replacement for the real thing. In fact, most equipment in Santa's North Pole complex is powered by "Holiday Magic", and were it not for Rudolph's presence, this robot would not be able to fly.
There you have the first of my Xmas Sketches for 2010. I intend to draw them on a daily basis until Santa gets here. I hope you like it, and wish you a holiday season full of cheer, happiness, good times, and of course, full of art all around you. Thanks for dropping by!

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