Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boot-Up Sketch Professor Von Splatter

Yep. I'm still having character creation issues. Namely, they just pop up. Here's my boot-up sketch for today, which was interrupted, but continued during lunch, and wrap-up time. It was a weird day, and for some reason, mad scientists were in my mind.
Here's Professor Reginald Von Splatter. He's kind of a steampunk scientist. I didn't come up with a background for him (yet) but you can bet he's a risk taker. Seems like a good chap, or is he? We won't know until he gets a role in some future story. Or should I say, when he gets a role in an alternate history story? Oh well. Mainly, I just wanted to try to draw them steampunk goggles.
That will be all for the boot-up sketch today. I hope you liked it. Have a great art time, wherever, and whenever you are.

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