Thursday, December 16, 2010

Xmas Sketch - 16DEC10 - E-1

Here's "Xmas Sketch" number 2: The E-1 is a new addition at Santa Claus' North Pole complex. The "Elf One" is a little controversial amongst Santa's helpers. In fact, "elf gossip" says its supposed to be a replacement elf in the workshop. This is far from the truth. The E-1 was built to entertain Santa's helpers during long work shifts. It is programmed to dance and sing, as well as tell jokes, and serve hot cocoa. Here we have it going through one of its basic dance routines. I would include an elf joke example, but we wouldn't get it. Its a regional thing. Even if you tried listening to it at one of its famous stand-up comedy shows, you would go crazy from all the high pitched laughter.
So there you have my second Xmas Sketch of 2010. Looks like most of these will be penciled and inked.  I'll keep making them until the 25th. These may even become family presents this year. I hope you like this one, wish you a happy holiday, and prescribe lots of art in as many ways as you can take it.  In other words, have a great art time!

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