Friday, December 17, 2010

Xmas Sketch 17DEC10 - Gift Robot

Here is today's daily Xmas Sketch. A robot, just happy to give you a gift. We need more of these robots around, don't we?  I say that because I intend to keep to the theme until the last Xmas Sketch is done. In fact, this would have been "the 12 Robots of Xmas" except for the fact that I started one day late to do that. I suppose I could do a double sketch on the last day, just to celebrate with 12 robots.
I'm enjoying this "themed" series. It allows me to experiment within boundaries, on specific aspects of a piece. You know all this very dark shading? I working on understanding how to use it, but I'm sure you've noticed its not perfect by any means. The Lighting seems to vary angle, depending on what part of the subject you're looking at. In other words, this practice is really necessary so I can peg down how to use this special shading. There are other things I'm learning here, but we'll wait for a last post, and do a little analysis at the laboratory blog.
At least we're going to have enough robots hanging around when Santa comes to town.  I hope you are all enjoying this Xmas robot parade. I certainly look forward to creating these pieces every day. So stay tuned because tomorrow there will be more!  Have a great art time!

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