Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Sketch-23Dec Snow Angel

Today's daily Xmas Sketch is Snow Angel Robot. I actually drew the rough for this "snow-angeling" robot while waiting an interview with prospective employers. This was a good idea, but drawing too small later affected the inking. Had a hard time positioning, and drawing snow. It's kind of coarse, but still kind of cute.
The rough for this Hipster Santa Robot was a simpler looking guy, before the accident. Since I refilled my pen with calligraphy ink instead of India ink, like I was supposed to do. The pen let loose a big ol' drop of ink on this guys chin and neck area. I improvised with a little pointy beard, which doesn't make sense on a robot, but who cares. I know the face looks weird, but I really like the scarf!
Here's another scale problem. I had penciled this nice scene of the robots slugging it out with snow balls, and it all went wrong when I didn't take into account scale. You can see how rough the robots outlines look. But then I started testing my refilled pens for a bit, and we have some weirdness going on. I like that chap on the lower right corner.
So I have to do something about the ink I'm using. Regardless, I'll keep using it for now. Hope you've liked these. There are 2 more daily Xmas Sketches to go. Thanks for your visit, happy holidays, and have a great art time!

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