Sunday, December 12, 2010

Impulsive Motorcycle

I visited my sister, and brother-in-law so my daughter could have a bit of cousin play-time. My brother-in-law was washing his motorcycle, and proposed I draw his bike. Sketchpad and a knobby pencil at hand, I was ready. For a good drawing of something I haven't drawn in decades (yes, decades), time was going to be a problem, so I approached it roughly. Please don't mind the offset lines you see. I didn't bother to erase (no eraser). So many machine parts! Proportion was a constant preocupation. A straight-edge would have been nice to have, but without those types of tools, this was going to be a very rough rough. So I sat on a garage step stool in the sun, I tried to capture the essence of the machine. I think I managed this, judging by my brother-in-law's grin when he saw the sketch.
I'm not much of an aficionado, I just use transportation from point A to point B, but I can recall a time when this was very different. Funny cars, racing cars, and motorcycles featured prominently in my elementary school notebooks, alongside spaceships, and flying saucers.
This weekend was not as art-filled as I would have liked, but I did get my kicks. I hope you like this sketch. Who knows? I may use it for family holiday purposes this year.
Thanks for dropping by, and as always, have a great art time.

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