Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Seeing as I'm visiting the park with my daughter almost every weekday, I thought I'd mix it up again. She won't stay in an area long enough for me to sketch in detail, so the next best thing seems to be my walking-gesture-sketch experiments. I glance, and lay lines down, then worry about details later. I also add a cartoon flavoring, or attempt a caricature. On the left, a "social-walker", and a skinny basketball player sporting thin double tresses. I darkened the lines I thought would help, like on all the other sketches you'll see here.
On the right, another sleeveless walker. Seems like half of these folks are there for a social angle. Even a few couples walking together, seemingly on "dates". The lady on the top right of this image was serious about exercising her arms, as she walked the park loop. Inspiring. The gentleman on the bottom right is a regular. He keeps to his audio all the time. But like most regulars, if he's seen you more than twice at the park, he'll always wave and smile. There's a social balance here, with the park-peers.
This cell phone lady, typical of most ladies at the park, did not stop her cell phone conversation all the time I was there. Others walk checking e-mail, or playing games on their devices. I think listening to music or audiobooks while exercising is great. A nod or a smile from other folks exercising is as close to human contact as you'll get here, but in my humble opinion, having to listen to folks' cell phone conversations is kind of rude. Of course, there are people out there you may want to avoid, so maybe its a shield. Regardless of cell phone etiquette in public, this lady did look kind of stylish with her cap, ponytail, and cellphone combination.
And here's my favorite caricature attempt. An older lady, dressed more for a classic summer picnic, than an exercise walking session. She had such a peculiar look and face that I couldn't resist to sketch her. I didn't get a chance to get the whole body down, but that face was enough. Nice hat, eh? To her left, a running lady that made me recall the 80's for some reason. And finally, this "emo" type student, still in his uniform, hanging around with his peers. I suppose any skinny teen with a certain hair style does look "emo" to me these days. This park seems to be a hangout for a few students, late in the afternoon.
I'm having fun, mixing up my sketching and drawing approach here. I'm getting some quick glance sketching practice, and on the move to boot. The girls won't let me stay at one spot too long, and I gave up on detailed drawings, although I'll get a chance for it sometimes. Then again, my subjects are mostly on the move, so I have to go with the flow. I do have a nice sketch of part of a jungle gym slide structure, but I'll post that on in my sketch set. I'm not complaining. I'm taking advantage of the situation by sketching any which way I can. Hope you liked these. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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