Monday, March 7, 2011

Gunslinger Robot

Hey, stranger. You're not from these parts, are you? I went to see Rango this weekend, and it got me in an old west mood. The movie was what you'd expect from your current CG production these days. Voice talents, slight amount of adult directed humor, this time from Nickelodeon studios. But it was rich in classic old west storyline, and the characters were plucked out from I don't know how many westerns, that I enjoyed watching the parade.
Here's a gunslinger robot, loosely based on Clint Eastwood's character in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". I know its my usual robot-plays-a-human-role motif, ,but I couldn't resist. I kept hearing the theme from that Eastwood movie in my head while drawing and inking it. I hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!


  1. Nice. All I think of is "the good, the bad and the rusted"!!!


  2. Hey Jose-
    I used photoshop cs3
    a 24 brush with other Dynamics turned on- on the brush presets- with the opacity jitter control set to pen pressure at 0......with medium opacity and low flow
    Then I worked on it for about 1-2 days. Using reference- getting opinions from people with good eyes.

  3. Good one, Jahh!! LOL!!!
    Thanks Omar! That one turned out great! (Already posted back at your blog)