Friday, March 18, 2011

Skates, Fences, and B-Ball

Another day at the park. Yesterday, when not being pulled by the young ones, I got a chance to sketch a little. Still trying to mix reality with toons, but not going to far into it.
I caught a skinny skating girl on the basketball court, and then saw my usual subjects exploring by the fence that skirts the little creek that runs through the park. They were unusually quite, and apparently getting into their girl talk long enough that I could get some of the necessary lines down. Pardon my lack of fence on that middle one, but it really takes time to try to draw those thin diagonal wires, and then, just to muddle up the subjects.
After that, we went around the park again, they were grabbing flowers, and decided to try to "sell" them. After that little chapter was done, it was back to the basketball court, which was still oddly empty. They went riding their scooters on the smooth surface for a while. This gave me some time to sit, and touch up some of the sketches. An older basketball enthusiast dropped by, and we talked about how this park was nicer, and apparently drug free. I had a suspicion about my subdivision's park all along, but had not confirmed it. So this reinforces my choice of parks now. The man went about his daily exercise, and lo and behold, he got sketched as well.
Today, we didn't have the usual friend distractions at the park, so I got to do all the playing, and had to give up sketching for this session. So I had some extra quality time with my daughter.
That's all for now. There's some more drawing and sketching to be done over the weekend, so look for more posts, either here, or on twitter (@gonzalexx). Thanks for dropping by, and as always, I wish you a great art time!

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