Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Pensive Batman

Here's a pensive and brooding Batman I sketched while waiting at the doctor's office with my daughter. This was last week, and we're in better health now. We were both sketching, while other kids did their thing in the smallish waiting room. Some of them, including parents, would comment on our activity, but we're used to it by now. There was this kid that was pretty excited about what I was drawing, and didn't stop bugging to see it finished. We were about to go, and he got out of his examination room for a last peek. I had to stop our closing activities with the doctor's assistant to break out the sketchbook and show the kid. Such enthusiasm!
Like I said, this was done last week. I intended to ink it because of its cartoony and brooding nature, which made me think it worth more time. But things got in the way that week. This is the first time I attempt to sketch any superhero since elementary school. Wish I had some of those early attempts. Batman was one of my favorites then. I remember a birthday cake with a model batman I had put together myself. I think I even dressed up the part for Halloween one year.
In any case, there you have it, a pensive and brooding Batman that was probably bored on an off-night in a not-so flashy looking Gotham city. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great art time!