Monday, March 7, 2011

New Park Court

Did a quick sketch of the basketball court at the new park. Took my daughter today, and she had a ball playing with her new friend. "Like peas and carrots". They gave me a few moments to sit and sketch, while the danced around on the empty court. They really had a blast, riding scooters, playing games, I even played mock soccer with them for a while. I'm afraid we're going to be regulars here. Its so nice and clean, and almost always the same folks come around to walk, run, and exercise. A welcome change from our usual park. Hardly any graffiti, basketball players don't cuss at each other, nice folks around, even found a Yoga group that meets to work out in the gazebo.
I wish I had more time for this sketch. Buildings are good practice for perspective, and I need that practice. Hope you like this little vignette. Thanks for dropping by!

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