Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sgt Stubbs

I was looking for some steampunk images yesterday, and came across Tom Banwell's blog. He's an extremely accomplished artist working with leather and resin, bringing amazing steampunk creations to life. From rayguns, helmets, and masks, to great looking top hats, he's got steampunk needs covered. Visit his blog to see what I'm talking about, or check out a sampling of what he's got in store.
About the peculiar monkey you see to the left, his name is Sgt Stubbs, and he will be assisting with Professor Tauruscat's Dteam Helmet projectwhich will be on display at the Museum of Curiosities, part of the 2011 Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition. When I saw this monkey, I had an overwhelming impulse to sketch it. It plainly says steampunk to me. Here's the particular post on Tom's blog where you can see the Sgt's photo I used as reference. I wonder if I would look as good with those goggles on. :) Well, that does it for now. Hope you liked this. Keep awake! Art is everywhere! Have a great art time!

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