Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Chair for Dad

We've been sketching almost daily, as an exercise, following an initiative from @wardomatic (Ward Jenkins) on Twitter. Just about two weeks ago, he expressed his need to practice sketching more often, and proposed that anyone that wanted to join him, do so by sketching at least one piece a day, following his lead with "Challenges", and posting the results on a group called "I Need To Sketch More" on Flickr (click the link to see all the sketches so far). We're up to 11 different topics, and the group has been growing. The variety of styles and points of view is very interesting. We're getting good practice, and we get to see everyone's efforts.
Yesterday, the challenge was to draw a chair. I looked around the house, bored with our everyday chairs, until I bumped into one of my daughter's kiddie chairs. She's seven years old now, and this is starting to look too small for her, but she keeps using it at her kiddie table. It was part of a set that included two chairs and a table. The table has been replaced, but these chairs are sturdy. She uses them to play, study, and eat.
One night, not too long ago, she decided to throw a "show" for us, and set up the chairs for her mom, and me. She also labeled the chairs for us, which is why one says "Papa" (Spanish for Daddy), on its surface. I had forgotten about this little touch until I started sketching it yesterday. You can imagine how precious this item is to us.
Hope you like this. It was pretty meaningful to me to sketch it. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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