Monday, March 14, 2011

Park Friends

Lately, I've been taking my daughter to a local park almost daily. She made a new good friend, her same age, and always looks forward to spending time with her. I share watching duties with her friend's grandmother, and get to play a little with them. My bonus out of this: daughter does early homework, she burns up energy, and I get a some sketching time.
Above you see the top of a lamp post fixture, and the two little ones fooling around on parallel bars (this one at a distance). There's also a view of the little creek that runs through the park. This time I got a better feel for drawing running water. It did look that dark, but not because it was dirty. I tried to convey the reflection on the standing waves as much as possible. The creek is channeled, but this part was  mostly based on glances while my attention was pulled by the little ones. They do get around, exploring, sharing with other kids, even trying to climb trees. I wish I had a better session with that creek. There's lots of detail I didn't get, like a line of tree stumps running down the fence on the left. I'm sure I'll get more chances.
I hope you like these little vignettes because I'm sure there will be more. But don't worry, I'll vary the subjects. There is plenty to sketch, and I can't wait to start on caricaturing or portraying some of the walkers, runners, and other characters that frequent this little oasis. Thanks for dropping by, and have a great art time!

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