Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Space Monkey's Flying Heads

These two were impulse sketches drawn today. I had to ink them just because.  The great Kim Holm has a webcomic called  "Diary of a Space Monkey".  Kim asks readers to choose Space Monkey's fate each week. I chose the popular fate but thought better of it, and asked Kim his favorite (Space Monkey hallucinates flying heads). To bribe him into changing my vote, I drew these. A Viking Cowgirl, and Kim's own cartoon-self, both as flying heads.


  1. Awesome! They don't count as no bribe, though, but luckilly someone else is less artistic and less cheap.

  2. I like em though the second one looks like somebody I can't quite put my finger on it...


  3. Thanks guys... actually, I think the second one makes for a better hallucination.