Saturday, July 24, 2010

Macaroni Grill Caricature

You know, that Italian themed chain restaurant where you get a paper tablecloth, and crayons, breaking the fun barrier between kids and adults, while you wait for your order? We found ourselves  at Macaroni Grill after coming out of the movie theather. After eating, there was a clear section of table cloth left on my side. My wife was telling me how I was drawing things for everyone, but had left her "commission" on the shelf, so to speak. While I told her I'd get to it immediately, I impulsively drew her "caricature". (Pardon the bad cell phone photo. Didn't have time to notice my own shadow)  I've been trying to "toonify" her for some time, and had almost given up, not happy with previous attempts. Lo and Behold, I was happy with this rendition, and now I have a good model to to use for a clean version. It had to happen on an impulse, eh? (Shhhh, don't say anything about the lopsided eyes, please. I was in a hurry, and if she notices, I'll be in trouble. Oooops!).

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