Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Restaurant Tablecloth Fun

Had a treat at that local restaurant where the table cloths are made of huge sheets of butcher shop paper. I already mentioned its name once, so I will not over-advertise this time. This was more a mix of little things improvised into a "composition". You'll notice a skeleton's arm floating on the top left, and an upside down tired girl on the top right (a message to my daughter because she's staying up playing until late in her room, and not getting enough sleep). The rest of the "comp" is more cohesive. It's an semi-alien moonlit scene. Blue crayon is best (out of the three they give you). You should try it. I suppose its a treat for the waiter that will clean the table, and destroy your work, much like a sand castle. Oh, and that floating thing in the top center is supposed to be a pepperoni.

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