Monday, July 26, 2010

Drive-by Sketching And Starbucks

Three impulsive sketches today, drawn yesterday in my trusty mini-sketch book.  Well, four sketches, really. My daughter got in on the action.  "Can I draw too?" The first two rate high in the impulsiveness scale.  I drew while sitting on the front passenger seat of our car, while my lovely wife drove us to a restaurant. The first one shows a variety of car's back-sides. Had fun having my wife guess their makes later on (Plymouth, Mustang, etc).
The second one was a bit more detailed because there was some traffic as we reached the restaurant. This one is a Honda Element. I love the challenge of having to draw something quickly. The changing inertial forces are also fun to deal with.
Next, my daughter's drawing at the restaurant table. A doggie thinking about more food, while eating. That's what she said. I think she was hungry at the time. I'm really proud of her imagination, and her developing art skills.

And finally, a quick coffee shop scene. Probably a standard for a lot of artists. Can you recognize its a Starbucks?  I wish I had more time there. The characters that frequent this place are colorful.  I think it has to do with its location in a "posh" and "touristy" district.  Perfect for character study targets. Some day soon I'll try this typical artist-sitting-at-a-coffee-shop thing.

Hope you liked these.  They were fun speed sketching practice.

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