Friday, July 9, 2010

Impulse sketch - Mechanized Fishies?

This morning's impulse sketch is a doodle that started with a television screen thing, and evolved into a diver looking at mechanized sea life. You know... you start doodling, and the "impulse" takes you different places. This time, the impulse hit at a place where one should be busy with other things, so it took some time.  Talking about sea life, mechanized sea life would probably survive that horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but real sea life is in danger. Drop by Ripple Sketches, and please contribute by buying a mini sketch by well known artists, as well as amateurs (see if you can spot mine :) ).  You can also contribute with a sketch yourself! Kelly Light has done a great job in organizing this effort.
I hope to have more for you today, or maybe tomorrow.  I've been neglecting my "laboratory" blog, so maybe you'll see new stuff over there soon. (The Mad Scientist's Art Laboratory)
Thanks for dropping by!

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