Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beach-ward bound

So we finally made it to the beach. Got an impulse sketch in last night. My nephew stayed overnight so he could tag along next morning on our trip. Not too far, but far enough. They were playing at the computer last night, and I couldn't resist. After a quick sit at it, I left the sketchbook nearby. Minutes later, they come over to me, feigning being upset "You drew us playing, didn't you? How dare you?" (They love it)
Then, today, we had finally arrived at the beach (we borrow this beach apartment that has a pool as well). They were raring to go, so we hit the pool. I was in the sketching mood, so while my nephew watched over my daughter's ever more confident "swimming", I sat at a lounge chair, and sketched one of the scenes. She had a blast, yelling "Hey daddy, I can touch the bottom now!" I have no doubt she's going to be a good swimmer. Conquering fear is the first big step.  This is definitively going to be a nice family weekend.

I'm sure her figure looks out of scale here, but I'm just trying to capture forms, not a photo-realistic rendering by any means. Thanks for checking out my impulsive sketches (nothing too unusual but still impulsive, trying to grab the moment like I'm using a camera again).  There will be more during the weekend, I'm sure.
Have a great one!

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