Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bowling Alley Birthday Party

Impulsive sketch drawn in March 2010. Parents and kids waiting in line to barter their arcade won tickets for materially worthless, but kid-cherished plastic trinkets at the bowling alley counter. One of various times I've taken my daughter to such things. After bowling, eating pizza and cake, the kids run through their free arcade tokens, collect their tickets, and line up anxiously to cash in on their winnings (a kiddie casino of sorts?). I took the opportunity to sketch the situation, catching as many poses as I could, to later render, and fill in details. I did catch my daughter, her friend, and mother's friend there on the left. I think I captured some of the typical stereotypes in the place. I posted this today because I get to repeat the experience in a few hours. Hope you like it.

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