Friday, July 9, 2010

Pencil Sketch - Nikola Tesla

Got the impulse to draw Nikola Tesla from reference.  A little practice for something I'm working on.
I drew light construction lines, fit and tapered them, worked on shaded areas, defined forms, cleaned stray lines, then rendered to a point. The reference was a saturated 2 color print, so you may notice this in the shading values.  The lines and shades are still off by a bit, but I liked it, and the impulse took over.  Hope you like it.


  1. LOL. I have used the same reference quite some months ago:

  2. Hey... good inking on your version. There's only a handful of popular images for Tesla. I can see your piece is from some time ago too! Seeing the other pics on that part of your flickr stream brought back memories. Thanks for dropping by.