Saturday, July 24, 2010

So You Don't Want to Get Up?

It was almost noon already, and attempts to wake up my daughter were fruitless. What else to do, but to sketch her. I thought I'd use Sketchbook Pro Mobile on my trusty iPod Touch this time. It's finger painting, basically, and the screen is less than ideal to sketch on, but using zoom and the eraser tool, I was able to get something acceptable. Other pieces done the same way usually take me a long time. If you want something close to rendered, its like a long sculpting session (draw and trim), but this time, being an impulse sketch, I kept the trimming and rendering to a minimum. This is what happens in my household if you sleep late.


  1. Nice Jose! That'll teach em to sleep in. =)

  2. You got me, Jono! Smedley! LOL
    It's also one of the few times when I can rely on her staying still for a sketch!